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Maglock installation for gates in access control system design and installation

The maglock installation for gates is a very important step when you start your access control system design and installation, so it is essential to recognize how to exactly mount electromagnetic lock steps to make sure in many benefits and offering its intended functions. 1, How to choose the right maglocks? While all magnetic locks offer the … Continue reading

2019-04-17 Access Control Knowledge

What is a Maglock in door access control system?

What is a MagLock in door access control system? A maglock is a locking device that organized by an electromagnet and also an armature plate. It uses electromagnetism to manage the entire security system. By connecting the electromagnet to the door structure as well as the armature plate to the door, an electromagnet crossing via the armature plate, … Continue reading

2019-04-13 Access Control Knowledge
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