Access control & time attendance system buyer guides

1, What is the access control & time attendance system?

Access control & time attendance system also called access control time attendance management system or time attendance access control system, it has many functions such as personnel access, authorization, inquiry, statistics and anti-theft alarm security. It can also be used as personnel management and time attendance management. It can be linked to any electromechanical equipment product and door access control system, which is convenient for internal staff or The user’s freedom to enter and exit, and to prevent outsiders from entering and leaving at random, improve security and prevention capabilities. It will end the key era and become a new trend in modern society.

In response to the current market demand, many manufacturers produce a lot of access control & time attendance machines, but there are lots of problems were discovered after buying it. The time attendance machine not only does not let the staff work, but it is more complicated. Therefore, it is especially important to correctly understand the access control time attendance system and how to choose the appropriate access control attendance equipment.

2, Time attendance access control system application

The main application is Business building, office, and other small business area employee time attendance Access control system.

Advantages: The installation of time attendance Access control system on the company’s door for small business can effectively prevent outside salesmen from entering the company to disrupt the office order.

  • It can also effectively prevent outsiders from entering the company and ensure the safety of the company and employees’ property.
  • It can display and improve the company’s management level and improve the company. Image.
  • It can effectively track whether the employee is away from the post.
  • The time attendance management software can be used to perform attendance without the need to purchase a clock, the attendance results are more objective and fair, and the statistical speed is fast and accurate, which can greatly reduce the work intensity of the personnel department.
  • The workload can effectively solve the problem that some employees have to change the key of the door after leaving the company.
  • It is convenient and flexible to arrange any person’s permission and door opening time for each door, just carry a card, no need to wear a lot of heavy The key, and the security is more reassuring than the key.

3, Whats the Types of access control attendance system machines?

A. Mechanical punching time attendance machine(combined mechanical and electronic)

Advantages: Simple and intuitive, no need for computer knowledge, the price is relatively low (available in office supplies stores).

Disadvantages: Statistics are cumbersome, the card is replaced every month, and the mechanical failure rate is high (the card slot is vulnerable).

The scope of application: Units with less than 100 people.

B. Time attendance card machine-MAGNETIC CARD

Advantages: Computers can be used to count attendance data.

Disadvantages: Magnetic cards and heads are vulnerable (maybe more reliable magnetic card devices).

C.Time attendance card machine-IC CARD

The board is roughly the same as the magnetic card, and the IC card slot is vulnerable.

D. Barcode time attendance machines

Use the same method as the magnetic card.

Advantages: photoelectric reading bar code card number, low failure rate.

Disadvantages: The card is easy to forget (except for the special tamper barcode). After the barcode is dirty, the sensitivity is reduced and there is a wrong code. .

E. Non-contact card time attendance machines

Advantages: Non-contact card reading, no wear, and tear on the card, no error code.

Disadvantages: The cost of the card is too high, and the problem of “generation punching” cannot be solved.

F. Fingerprint time attendance machine

Advantages: no need for cards, solve the problem of punching cards.

Disadvantages: Requires good personnel quality, fingerprint requirements for cleanliness, anti-destructive ability and stability to be improved (currently in the initial stage).

Attendance data is not uploaded in real time and needs to be manually uploaded, and the security is normal;

The fingerprint head should be cleaned frequently, especially ink, gasoline, and stickers;

Applicable to units with the fewer person, requiring better personnel quality;

Fingerprint collection, attendance, movements should be standardized, finger wear, close to the angle or pressure is not good, the collection head is difficult to read the fingerprint, the light identification efficiency is low, the heavy identification fails

G. Time attendance face-recognition machines

The ideal attendance machine.

Advantages: The use of human face features to identify different people, to achieve the characteristics of the person in a non-contact manner, the recognition speed is less than 1 second.

Disadvantages: the current high cost

4, Optional advice for buying time attendance machines

When we are purchasing a time attendance machine, we want to do a better job and work more efficiently. It is the best choice to find a professional time attendance machine supplier. The time attendance management software also comes in handy. However, we will encounter several difficulties when purchasing, and seven points for your consideration:

A, Performance is the key, no matter how the functional requirements of time attendance, must choose stable performance, good quality attendance machine otherwise spent money, bought trouble.

B, The time attendance machine price, we must not be tempted to be cheap. If you choose to have the supplier responsible for the time attendance system installation, the necessary installation and service fees are very much needed. Because your supplier must have enough profit margins to be able to do a detailed service for you.

C, Time attendance shift. Before we purchase the time attendance card machine, we should explain the shift of the attendance to the supplier, check if the time attendance terminal software can handle this shift, whether it can automatically process the shift time and overtime, whether it can automatically count the attendance abnormality. The staff can count the regular shift time and overtime time of the employee for any period of time, the abnormal time of attendance, the above points are the most important. If this attendance software does not have this function, then after you buy it back, it is not alleviated. Workload, but increased workload.

D, Time attendance machine installation, if you are buying a proximity card time attendance machine or fingerprint time attendance machine, you also need to consider and know how to install fingerprint attendance machine, choose a company with a good reputation to do the installation service will bring you the necessary benefits for future

E, Time attendance management system software. The software is actually very important, when choosing time attendance system software, try to choose time attendance system software free download and extension is strong and, of course, this does not mean that the more software functions, the better, but the software that suits your company’s actual situation, the time attendance free software function is too powerful, operation It’s more responsible; the software is too simple, and many of the features you need can’t be realized. So choosing a set of software is also very important.

F, when selecting the time attendance fingerprint machine, you should use the card to try the performance by yourself: use a card with the fastest speed, continuous card swipe, a look at whether the time attendance machine can be normal in the high-speed card swipe (occasionally not brush On the normal is the second) to see the sensing distance, if the performance of the attendance machine, the distance between the card and the attendance machine is 10-15 cm (referring to the ID attendance machine) can be swiped, the performance of the bad attendance machine, need to be tight Sticking to the attendance machine, this kind of attendance machine, after a long time, will not be able to brush the card. If the above two tests can pass, this attendance machine can basically pass the hardware performance, then look at the function of the software (note: use a normal card when doing the test, because there is a long distance card, if, With this card, the attendance machine with poor performance will also have better induction).

G, Backup Battery, for battery considerations, choose a time attendance machine with a backup battery, some attendance machines do not have a backup battery, although the power outage is not a frequent matter, if the attendance machine does not have a backup battery, and just happens when the employee is out of service, it is sure It is impossible to swipe the card.

5, Fingerprint access control time attendance machine use precautions

  • Please collect the fingerprint from the management software before use.
  • Please ensure that your fingers are clean before use. Do not touch oil or water. If the fingers are dirty, blasted, dry, or too cold, attendance will not be recognized.
  • If the identification is unsuccessful due to finger blasting, please apply for the management department to use the password for attendance.
  • If it is not recognized due to dry fingers or cold weather and cold fingers, please put your finger on your mouth and re-recognize.
  • When using, align the fingers, try to touch the fingerprint collection window as much as possible, and gently press to see the display prompt information, indicating that the attendance is successful and then remove the finger.
  • If the prompt is incorrect or the screen does not respond, remove your finger and press it again. Do not keep your finger on the fingerprint collection window. If the prompt is not correct or the screen does not respond after using it three times, please contact the administrator in time to make any mistakes on the attendance machine.
  • Do not press the fingerprint collection window hard. Do not scratch the fingerprint collection window with your nails or other hard objects. Please ensure that the fingerprint collection window is clean and dustproof, waterproof and oil resistant.
  • please ensure the use of fingerprint attendance machine, do not place it in a cold, humid, high-temperature environment.
2018-11-23 Access Control Knowledge
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