How to choose magnetic lock for door access control system?

Now for the sake of security, there are too many places have installed the magnetic lock to protect the safety of the whole family. Like a business building, office, home etc. But faced with the variety of locks on the market, Now here are some suggestion for choosing magnetic lock for door access control system:

How to choose magnetic lock?

Electromagnetic lock appearance to be delicate, the surface can not have obvious scratch or rust. The key to a magnetic lock is to see how hard it is to pull; it requires specialized equipment to measure it, so it can only be pulled with a sudden force of hand after it is installed Pull do not open as a normal, but pay attention to install the electromagnetic lock body to fit suction, suction iron installation is not too tight, otherwise it will affect the resistance.

When selecting maglocks, first of all, you should distinguish between 90 degrees open door (one-way door) and 180 degrees open door (two-way door), 180 degrees to open the door to the positive use of an electric drop-bolt lock. 90 degrees open door can use maglocks, electric lock, Cathode Lock, glass door lock, electric latch, etc. The door closers are based on the weight of the door, which is determined by the volume and material of the door. The bracket is selected for its beauty, safety, and convenience.

Identify the electromagnetic locks for doors from technical indicators

Magnetic locks can also be identified from a variety of technical indicators, the standard qualified magnetic lock, generally provide 12V and the 24V input voltage (single coil and double coil difference), they through the jumper to choose and switch. There are several ways to judge a magnetic lock:

  1. Circuit board: Bad magnetic lock can be identified from the circuit board, Bad Magnetic Lock Circuit Board printing rough, the layout is very simple, no pressure-sensitive resistance (that is, surge, generally there are two), and only a group of voltage input.
  2. Resistance Measurement: First pull out12V and 24V switching jumper of magnetic lock (Note: Do not need to electrify), generally have 4 terminals (jumper) , test its red, black two lines, resistance around 50 ohms is preferred.
  3. Current value after power on: put the magnetic lock through 12V voltage and measured the current value, with the market value is better. 280KG (600lb) magnetic locks are generally good at 400-450 ma if less than 450ma is not enough tension; if pass 24V voltage, the market value or actual value should be 200 ma.
  4. Insulation value: The insulation value of the standard qualified magnetic lock body should be infinite, the specific value should be above 50 Megohm; the specific test position is cut steel sheet and lock body output line.
  5. The vertical degree of Steel Sheet: Cut Steel Sheet in principle to minimize the use of hand touch or dirty, qualified magnetic lock steel sheet verticality and parallelism the better the standard. The quality of plate plating should be based on the non-oxidation mark on the plate
  6. Filling glue check: The colloid of the magnetic lock can not appear bubbles, should be flat and tidy, no cracks, and the angle is square.
  7. Steel Plate cutting distance: The main concern is that the thickness of steel plate cutting should be 0.35 mm. At present, most of the steel plates on the market are 0.5 mm steel plates. The closer the steel plate is arranged on the lock body, the better Pay attention to observe the arrangement of steel cut do not appear among the cementation.
  8. Non-residual magnetic: The lock plate of the general magnetic lock is made of pure iron, but most of the lock plate is 99% of pure iron, so want to have to remove residual magnetic function, equipped with protruding rubber pad, play a buffer role Lock with anti-residual magnetic device will reduce the tension of about 35 kg; if the use of 99.9% pure iron products, no anti-residual magnetic device can be basically excluded from the production of residual magnetic, and sufficient tension.
  9. 4007 diode: especially for locks without indicator light and the signal output, this diode transistor is usually added to the positive and negative poles of the power supply of the lock. This treatment obviously reveals that the material of the lock does not pass through the barrier, and some protective work has been done here Prevent positive and negative pole connect mistake or impact entrance guard machine and so on.
  10. Lock Body Casing Processing Technology: Lock Body Casing General Use Oxidation wire drawing or oxidation sandblasting, especially oxidation sandblasting, fine sand for the best. NEAT wire drawing, spray money evenly, the shell steel cutting surface is flat.
  11. High and low pressure: low pressure, the lock can still work, but the tension is reduced; high pressure, the lock body will be hot, this time should pay attention to the temperature rise, temperature rise more than 20 degrees for inferior goods, generally in an hour can be obtained within the temperature rise data.
  12. Acidity test: with weak acid coated in lock body steel plate, the good lock body 45 minutes before oxidation, and the difference generally in 15 minutes after oxidation. In addition, the lock body can be soaked in water and blackened within 24 hours
  13. SMOOTH FINISH: the small water droplet lock on the steel sheet, to observe its flow is smooth, whether dragging muddy water, smooth its smooth finish
  14. ELECTROPLATE: Note The electroplate quality of the corner position of the lock body, appearing wrinkle and darkening.
  15. Output Line: no signal output for the two-core electric lock, five-core detection output with a door.


2018-11-08 Access Control Knowledge
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