Door Access Control Features–What features you should know?

Door Access Control Features

Timing – lets you set specified times when a door should lock and unlock. Particularly useful for doors that are open to the public at some times but only to employees at others.

Tracking – Any computerized access control system will do some basic tracking of usage. Check out the available reports and see if they provide the level of detail you need.

Battery Backup – keeps your premises secure for hours, even during a power failure.

Template layouts – lets you create a graphic blueprint of your building and point and click your way around to change permissions for different doors.

Badge printing – The vendor may be able to supply a specialized printer so you can create new cards as needed, with or without photos.

For some types of access control systems, you may also want voice communication capabilities, such as an intercom or a telephone entry system. A simple intercom allows visitors to talk to a central control booth. Telephone entry systems, common in large apartment buildings, allow visitors to dial a specific unit to request entry and let residents unlock the door using their phone.

2017-06-28 Access Control Knowledge
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