How much does door access control system cost?

Access control systems are of great use when it comes to maintaining the security of any place. They help in controlling who can enter any premises at what time. There are different types of access control system and the price of each of them varies like the door access control system price will be quite different from an RFID access control system price. There are certain factors that will influence the price of an access control system.

Factors influencing the cost of access control systems

Different factors play a major role when it comes to deciding to the cost. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The first factor is the quality of the installer or the vendor quality from whom the system is purchased.
  • The type and the level of security required will also have its effects on the cost of the access control system.
  • The ease of use of the system also influences the cost of the system.
  • The more you buy the lesser will be the price per unit. That means the volume of purchase will have its effects on the cost of the system.
  • Your knowledge about access control system will also affect the price. Yes, if you have some knowledge you can understand whether they are charged properly or not.
  • If the purchase is very urgent then you should be ready to pay something extra. Else if you have time you can find them more reasonable.

Whether it’s the key card access systems cost or the cost of a biometric access control system the above factors will have their influence on the cost of the access control system that you will install.

Cost also depends upon other factors

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are many other factors that will influence the price of the access control. The number of doors where the security is to be provided will affect the price along with the traffic that the system has to control. Among the different things that are required for the installation of a system is hardware and they are the most expensive part of the whole thing.

For a single door the cost of hardware mat range from something between $500 to $2000. For initial set up any company who wants to have an access control system and has about 300 employees should be ready with about $3000 to $10000. There are monthly service fees that depend upon the doors as well as the employees. It can range from something between $10 to $100 per month. Along with this, there is the cost per card also which will cost at about $5 per piece.

In case the system is to be changed then some of the old hardware may be used and the cost may get reduced a bit depending upon the hardware that is utilized.

Understanding the Components of a Card Access System

While you have planned to install an access control system and also got some idea about the cost of its installation it is also necessary that you know about the different components that comprise the system. The hardware used for the system plays an important role but along with that, you must have a good server and a software which will make things complete. The components will include mainly the following

Once you are well aware of all this it will be easier for you to estimate the cost of installation of an access control system in your premises.

2018-10-06 Access Control Knowledge
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