What is elevator access control systems solution ?

The elevator access control system is actually an elevator control technology. A system device similar to the access control system is installed on the original elevator. Only after the card is swiped, the elevator will start and the owner will be sent to the appoint floor.

With the progress and development of society, people’s lifestyles have undergone profound changes. The rise of urban high-rise buildings has brought great space to people’s lives. The intelligent lift access control system is a high-tech product that meets the needs of this era. The use of the elevator access control system has greatly improved the intelligent construction and management of buildings, and at the same time reduced the anxiety of the owners as much as possible. It is easy to combine with other intelligent systems into a more powerful and comprehensive system, suitable for advanced management of various integrated methods.

The elevator access control systems use non-contact cards as the credentials for the entrance and exit of the building. By managing the elevator operation through the IC card, the idle personnel can be prevented from being outside the elevator; at the same time, it plays an environmental protection role for the elevator to save power and save air; it also reduces the occurrence of elevator button failure; extends the service life of the elevator; strengthens the tradition The weak side of management in the safety management system; improved the safety level of the property.

The elevator access control systems solution brief

1, Basic elevator access control system components

Elevator Access Control Card Reader: Identify the built-in encryption card number of the sensor card through the principle of RF sensing.

Proximity card: Stores the user’s ID number that cannot be copied and decrypted.

Elevator Access controller: store sensor card permissions and card record, and centrally handle all card reader upload signals, responsible for coordination with computer communication and other data storage, with intelligent processing center of management software.

Elecator Access control extension board.

485/232 signal converter: Networking and long-distance communication of all data memories.

Elevator Access Control System Management Software: central management and monitoring of all units via computer

2, Elevator floor access control function

1), Basic Function: 

The basic function can automatically identify the type and authority of the IC card to prevent illegal use of electricity by cardless personnel. Once the elevator floor access controller has hardware and software failure, the elevator can be automatically restored to a free state immediately, and the function of linkage between the elevator and the fire emergency switch of the elevator can be achieved by pressing the layer selection button. A unique in-line PIN pad instead of an IC card. Residents can change their own passwords without the need for management personnel to participate, reducing cumbersome management and increasing security.

2), The Management function

  • System Management: Set system administrator and operator permissions.
  • Card issuance management: IC card initialization, card replacement, card replacement, blacklist, loss reporting, etc.
  • Permission settings: set the cardholder floor permissions;
  • Time setting: time, date, holiday, etc. Enter and exit elevator permission settings;
  • Elevator open use period: switch to non-IC card control status, floor open period, and a valid period of an IC card according to the time period.

3), Record function

The elevator controller records each operation (including card number, card time, registration floor, etc.).The record can be read on the management center computer through the collector or network and can be searched by time, elevator number, specific cardholder, etc., and various comprehensive management reports are automatically generated.

4), Extended function

  • Support fire linkage and BA linkage;
  • Support the building intercom system intelligent linkage to open the owner’s corresponding floor elevator permission function;
  • More expansion of other card subsystems according to customer requirements;

3, The elevator access control system features

  • The elevator access control card reader is installed in the elevator and elevator access controller is installed on the top of the elevator. The linkage signal acquisition equipment is installed in the elevatorwell or in the weak electric shaft of the building;
  • Offline, networking two management modes, with an RS485 interface, data uploading, downloading, etc. through the network or data collector and elevator access control system software; in view of the system construction and maintenance is convenient, this project is an offline mode.
  • Time period limit: the flexible setting of the credit card usage period (ie IC card control period) and non-swipe period (ie open use period), can be personalized for the building, elevator number, a certain elevator floor, the two functions It will be automatically converted after the time period.
  • Swipe directly: the card is directly registered, no need to press the button, highlighting the smart, the user has only one floor permission in the card, you can achieve the function of swiping direct.

4, The selection of IC card elevator equipment

1), Full control type: IC card elevator access control system is installed in the elevator car.

  • If the card is not swiped, the elevator’s selection button will be invalid.
  • After the card is swiped, the elevator’s selection button is restored. At this time, the buttons on any layer can be selected.

2), Floor control type: IC card lift access control system is installed in the elevator car.

  • If the card is not swiped, the elevator’s selection button will be invalid.
  • After swiping the card, go directly to the floor or only select one of the authorized floors, and the other floors cannot be selected. Effectively put an end to the problem of the generation of people swiping the card.

3), Calling type: The IC card elevator control system is installed outside the elevator door on each floor.

  • If you do not swipe your card, the call button on the floor will not light up.
  • After the card is swiped, the elevator button outside the elevator car door automatically lights up. At this time, the elevator is notified that someone on the floor needs to take the elevator.

5, Using Model

1), Single-floor households use elevators

With a single-floor user card, the user enters the elevator and swipes the card on the elevator access control card reader. The elevator goes directly to the floor or can only select one of the authorized floors, and the other floors cannot be selected. The elevator access control system automatically controls the elevator to the designated floor according to the authority of the card to reach the floor. At this time, the buttons on other floors in the elevator are not subject to manual control (except for the public layer), restricting the user from reaching the unauthorized floor or using the elevator without the card.

2), Multi-floor households use elevators

The multi-floor user card is used to enter the elevator and swipe the card on the elevator card reader. The elevator accesses all the button permissions of the authorization floor of the card to wait for the user to press the button. At this time, after the user presses the floor button, the elevator runs to the corresponding floor. Pressing an unauthorized floor button is invalid, and all floor buttons that are not swiped are invalid.

3), Temporary visitors use the elevator

For temporary visitors, temporary cards can be issued. At the time of issuance, the elevator number, floor number, usage time period, and number of used cards are authorized according to the specific conditions of the visitor. The temporary visitor holding the card uses the elevator within the authorized range according to the card authorization information. Temporary visitors cannot use the elevator when the situation does not meet any of the conditions authorized. When the temporary visitor leaves, the card is withdrawn and can continue to be authorized for use by other temporary visitors.

4), Managers use elevators

Internal personnel (security guards, cleaning staff) use elevators. Under normal circumstances, multi-level management cards can be issued in the same way as multi-level residential cards. Security cards can also be used to use elevators for forgotten cardholders and one-time visitors.

5), Residents Authorization to use the elevator (intercom linkage):

For the intelligent community where the building intercom system is installed, the elevator access control system can be linked with the intercom system. The visitor calls the resident from the intercom host downstairs. After the resident confirms, the intercom extension opens at the indoor. At the same time, the elevator access control system will call the elevator to the grassroots floor (first floor), and open the button of the corresponding floor. After the visitor enters the elevator, press the floor button. Drive the elevator to the destination floor. The floor button of the non-intercommunication door is invalid, and the visitor will not respond if the elevator is pressed on other floors.

6), Underground parking lot:

For non-residents, it can be set up so that it can only reach the ground floor and cannot enter the tenant floor and underground parking lot;

7), Top-level sightseeing:

For non-residents, it can be set up so that it can only reach the sightseeing floor and cannot enter the household level;

8), Special suituation:

Since the IC card system can realize the linkage with the fire signal, after the fire signal is connected, the IC card elevator control system automatically leaves the elevator to ensure the normal use of the elevator in an emergency.


2018-12-07 Access Control Knowledge
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