How to choose a high-quality access controller board?

The Door Access Controller is the core center of the door access control systems, just like the engine in a car. The performance of the door access controller panel affects the stability of the access control system directly, and the stability of the system directly affects the safety of the life and property of customers.

At present the market card access control products, functional differences, but the quality is uneven. Therefore, the selection of products is particularly important for engineers. So How to choose a high-quality access controller?

How to choose a high-quality door access controller for door access control system?

1, Appearance

The appearance of the stable access controller board can also be seen, now many door controllers board like to use the shell frame to be strict, leaving only a few interfaces on the outside. Little wonder, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the controller, and it must be done on the board.

First of all, the weight of the access control board, I believe that you can understand the mystery of this line, the number of layers of the PCB (board) must be four or more layers to maximize the resistance to various sources. Interference, I believe that people who have used security equipment for a long time have experienced the catastrophic glitch that is unclear, and the importance of eliminating the possibility of interference is not to be ignored.

2, The main chip

Secondly, the main chip of the access control panel, in general, to meet the current high efficiency, fast requirements, 32-bit microcontrollers such as the ARM series is the mainstream configuration.

3, Components

Once again, look at the various access control system components of the access controller, what relay capacity, lightning protection tube and components protected by each port can not be less, and can also reflect high performance, such as access controllers, although used in civilian facilities, the standards must be industrial-grade. Many manufacturers’ products look very delicate, but they also need to be called fine crafts. They don’t know that the industrial-grade standards are so large that the chips are small enough to withstand the cruel test of various extreme conditions.

4, The basic functions of an access controller.

The basic functions of the access controller can be summarized as follows:

  • No less than 12 kinds of door opening methods, such as normally open, normally closed, password, card + password, first card, multi-card, remote control and so on.
  • Regional anti-follow, anti-passback, regional population control.
  • At least 10,000 card users and swiping card records.
  • Support any grouping of cardholders, sub-departments, and the same cardholder belongs to multiple departments.
  • Powerful schedule management function, support any number of schedule groups and holidays, any number of time groups, arbitrarily set the day time period.
  • A variety of alarms, and set whether to enable, such as door open timeout, illegal intrusion, coercion into, effective card not entered, tamper, anti-mite.
  • Event records and alarm records are uploaded in real time.
  • Support system multi-door interlock, support for any group of regional.
  • The power-down data is kept for more than ten years.
  • Can support Wiegand and RS485 card reader, Wiegand interface provides sound and light response output.
  • Watchdog anti-crash, lightning protection, anti-static, anti-jamming and tamper-proof and so on.


To carry on the actual operation to the function of the entrance guard controller, the access controller factory generally can provide the demonstration box for the customer to try, must not neglect the demonstration box function, must take pains to carry on the most thorough test to each function, in particular, there is a special emphasis in engineering to meet the basic functions.

6, AntiCrash Design

The access controller crashes like car engine stalls. Regardless of the powerful design of the controller, if there is a crash, the controller will not work and no function will be reflected. If there is a crash in the application, it means that the area controlled by the controller is not able to enter and exit normally, and may even cause serious safety hazards and immeasurable losses.

7, Relay Capacity

The output of the access controller is controlled by a relay. When the controller is working, the relay is opened and closed frequently, and an instantaneous current is passed every time when the relay is opened and closed. If the relay capacity is too small, the instantaneous current may exceed the capacity of the relay and quickly damage the relay. In general, the capacity of the relay should be more than 3 times the peak current of an electric lock.

8, Controller Protection

Access controller components working voltage is generally 5 volts if the voltage exceeds 5 volts will damage components so that the controller can not work. This requires the dynamic voltage protection at all the input and output ports of the controller in order to avoid the possible damage caused by the large external voltage applied to the controller.

9, The adaptive function of Front End Input Device

Because of different users, different applications on the access control system’s input device requirements are different. This requires the access controller can be compatible with a variety of front-end input devices (such as support for Wiegand26bit, Wiegand32Bit, Wiegand27Bit, Aba (second track), object identification technology, fingerprint identification technology, inductive IC card, Password Keyboard, watermark magnetic card, etc.). And can automatically detect the input front-end.

10, Reliability of Management Software

A high-quality access control system needs not only a high-quality controller but also a high-reliability and fault-tolerant management software.

11, The Adjuster should be twofold.

One is a complete technical support system, including pre-sale and after-sale technical support to provide localization; the other is a strong follow-up R & D capacity to ensure product continuity and advanced.


The experience of IT industry tells us a truth: a powerful enterprise must be able to provide high-quality products with price advantage to meet the needs of customers At the same time to ensure that engineers can get reasonable profit space


2018-11-13 Access Control Knowledge
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