What’s issues need to be considered before installing an access control system

With the general understanding of people’s security knowledge, the door access control system has been logged into people’s lives, and the door access control systems application is more and more extensive. However, the following seven problems should be avoided when installing access control systems, and the access control system installation may be successful(If you don’t know how to install an access control system, please check this article: Door access control system configuration guide)

Seven major issues to consider before installing an access control system

1, Escape evacuation

The purpose of installing the escape device is to open the door as soon as someone has turned to the door. The door escape device and the door handle lock assembly ensure personal safety and lock the door without losing security. Its application area is the safe exit gate on all escape routes.

Two typical escape devices.

One is the push-pull escape device installed on the double wooden door.

The second is the peripheral glass door of a building. The crossbar in the middle of the door is actually an escape device. This is a pressure bar type escape device.

They are all effective access control system products for assisting personnel to quickly evacuate buildings. The biggest feature of this type of product is its width and door width. Whenever an evacuation person arrives at the door, any part of his body is pressed against the crossbar, or when the push bar is pressed in Figure 1, the door is immediately opened. Therefore, such escape devices do not require professional guidance, and one action can go out.

2, Fire prevention

Fire protection is an important part of building access control system safety design. The fire protection requirements of the business building door control system are not only the fire performance of the product itself, but also require a variety of sound safety functions, including fire alarms, partitioning fire sources, and preventing smoke from spreading. How to set up a reasonable and standardized fire separation should include the following:

  • Adopt certified fire doors,
  • Ese fire-resistant locks with escape function,
  • Ese high-performance hydraulic door closers,
  • Electromagnetic door linkage/electromagnetic door closer using fire protection system linkage
  • Use other necessary fire door access control system product

After the fire separation is completed, fire doors and fireproof hardware products with the same fire rating as the firewall should be used to achieve the purpose of fire separation.

3, Access control system

The door access control system is an important internal component of the security system. It is also considered to be an important part of the security system, because the access control system is a composite that combines two requirements. The access control system is an important means of prevention. The internal is actually an important method to effectively distinguish the space of personnel activities. In some large public buildings, such as hospitals, subways, and airports, many equipment rooms and engineering houses are not allowed to enter by outsiders because personal safety accidents are likely to occur. If the access between the external and internal areas is blocked, such a security risk does not occur. This is why the access control system is also an important part of effectively ensuring life safety.

4, Internal management

The core component of internal management is the master key management system, also known as the master key management system. The so-called master key system is to classify the functional rooms in the building so that the functional rooms with the same characteristics are included in the same system, and then the belonging keys are hierarchically managed according to the level authority of the manager. The total key system can be graded up to level 6 or higher, while the four-level master key system can meet most of the management requirements, while the system security risks are low. The 4-level master key system includes:

Level 4: Total Master Key (GGMK);

Level 3: Master Key (GMK);

Level 2: sub-key (MK);

Level 1: The independent key (CK) for each trick.

The highest level GGMK permission is to open all doors inside the entire building. At the level of GMK, it is managed according to different management units or management departments, such as administrative departments, financial departments, and security departments. The bottom level is the key to each door, it can only open its own door. In summary, this constitutes a complete master key management system. Such systems have been adopted by more and more commercial buildings.

5, System reliability

System reliability refers to the high security of the access control door lock system. It is generally achieved through high-security structural design and precision machining with patent certification and protection to prevent illegal technology from being turned on. How to eliminate the illegal copying of keys and improve the reliability of security systems has long been the goal pursued by the door lock hardware industry.

6, System durability

System durability is primarily a basic product that requires a safety system, such as a mechanical product, that enables a longer life cycle.

7, Convenient for the disabled person to accessibility use

As an important part of the safety system, accessibility is often achieved through automatic doors to achieve barrier-free access. Compared with the automatic sliding door used in China, the United States uses more automatic swing doors, including high-end brand hotels, schools, hospitals, and many other public buildings. The reason is precisely that of the regulatory requirements for building safety design.

Although the automatic sliding door has the advantages of large traffic volume, good decorative effect, convenient passage, etc., there is a difference in the safety performance of the building compared with the automatic swing door. For example, for an outdoor door, the automatic sliding door has poor airtightness, and the opening space is relatively large, and it is impossible to prevent wind and rain, and the energy-saving effect cannot be improved. The sealing function of the automatic swing door is good, and the opening direction of the door is the direction of the emergency evacuation, and the safety is higher; for the indoor door, the automatic sliding door cannot be fireproof, and the automatic sliding door cannot be set on the firewall. The automatic swing door can fully meet the technical requirements of the fire door, and the automatic combination of the automatic door and the fire door can be realized by automatically opening the door on the firewall. This is why more automatic swing doors are used in the United States.

2018-11-26 Access Control Knowledge
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