Maglock installation for gates in access control system design and installation

The maglock installation for gates is a very important step when you start your access control system design and installation, so it is essential to recognize how to exactly mount electromagnetic lock steps to make sure in many benefits and offering its intended functions.

1, How to choose the right maglocks?

While all magnetic locks offer the same function, where and how they utilizing determines the details sort of magnetic lock, you’ll require for your safety job. Here’s a list of things to think about when purchasing a magnetic lock:

Door or Entrance

Magnetic locks are functional and can be used to safeguard doors in addition to entrances.  Understanding how your lock install will undoubtedly determine the list of locks you will select.

Single Door or Double Door

Recognizing the door you’ll require to secure will certainly pinpoint whether you need a single or double door magnetic lock to finish your job.

Maglocks for single door and double door - Maglock installation for gates in access control system design and installationMaglocks for a single door and double door

Holding Pressure

Among the highlights to consider when selecting a magnetic lock is its holding pressure. Identifying the right holding force, you’ll need an application will enable you to concentrate know locks that satisfy or surpass your holding force requirement. ShineACS can provide different holding force maglocks between 60kg to 500kg. If you are interested, please browse this link:

Indoor Magnetic Lock or Outdoor Magnetic Lock

Will you mount the maglock indoor or outdoor? This will help you on how to select the right type of maglock. Utilizing an interior magnetic lock in an outdoor environment isn’t a sensible idea as it isn’t developed to endure the impacts of exposure to outdoor weather elements.

Surface Area Mount, Flush Mount or Mortise Mount

How your magnetic lock will be mounted is also another choice you should think about when selecting a magnetic lock. The three options are Surface, Flush or Mortise.

If you are not sure whether the maglock is suitable for your place, here is a list of places which we made for you where people usually choose maglock:

  • Motels and also the hotels
  • Educational Institutes
  • Retail facility buildings
  • Office complex, financial institutions, and also business structures
  • Metropolitan as well as state agencies together with government structures.

If you want to know more details about how to choose a magnetic lock please read this article:  How to choose a magnetic lock for door access control.


2, How to install a magnetic lock for different doors?

Maglocks are able to install on wooden doors, metal doors, glass doors, and fire door. Different doors have different installation solutions.

magnetic lock for different doors - Maglock installation for gates in access control system design and installationMagnetic lock for different doors

Wooden door installation diagram:

Wooden door installation diagram - Maglock installation for gates in access control system design and installation

Glassdoor maglock installation details:

Glassdoor maglock installation details - Maglock installation for gates in access control system design and installation

Fireproof door maglock installation solution:

Fireproof door maglock installation solution - Maglock installation for gates in access control system design and installation


3, Magnetic lock installation matters need attention:

  • Are some doors for staff members, and some only for consumers which will affect the user interface set up fingerprint/card reader/keypad lock or intercom/buzzer
  • Are the doors designed as fire exit doors?
  • Are they wooden doors, metal doors or glass doors?
  • Are there any car park entrances or automatic garage doors to manage?
  • A decentralized access control system installments may better than one website operated over a network to let you handle your safety from the main point on all places.
  • An additional distinction in magnetic locks is the difference between controlled exit and free-exit system. In a controlled exit system, the system applies the same safety for activity in both instructions – employees need a card or enter the passcode to come in or out of the secure area. In a free exit system, there is no restriction for the people who leave the area because people just need to push the button to exit.
2019-04-17 Access Control Knowledge
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